Fairburn Fitness


Due to low membership we will regretfully be shutting down the company, effective Friday February 1st, 2013.


Classes will be shut down in two phases:            --Glamorgan, Rosscarrock and Bowness will be shut down effective January 23rd after the 7pm Rosscarrock class.

--The remainder of the classes will be shut down effective February 1st.


Refunds will be handled as follows;


Members who chose the monthly payment: no payments will be taken for any classes past January. All personal information will be kept confidential and destroyed.



Clients with coupons: Please contact the company that you had purchased the coupon with as we do not have anything to do with handling these refund



At the time we will NOT be fielding any phone calls. For any additional questions please contact us at cody@fairburnfitness.com